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2021 Season Pre-Registration Open

AMBA is excited to announce that registration for 2021 is now open.  We are planning to run an abbreviated 6 weeks season starting Saturday, July 17.   Divisions will be capped at 50 players.  Players that were pre-registered will receive priority over those that did not pre-register.  Please contact us with any questions.

Mike Holmes


Phone: 519-765-3283

2021 Season Pre-Registration Open

AMBA has opened registration for the 2021 Season.  This is a non-monetary registration for AMBA to understand the level of interest for our 2021 programs.  Players that have pre-registered will have priority over non-registered players in the event that we are required to restrict participation levels.

At this time, it is our intentions to run all our regular programs.  More information will be posted as the season gets closer and it becomes clearer what our programs will look likt .  The target start date for our season will be the week of 24-May-2021.

2021 Registration Costs

Division Ages Cost
Blast Ball 3 & 4 year old $40
T-Ball 5 - 7 years old $55
Jr. Rookie Ball 6 & 7 years old $60
Sr. Rookie Ball 8 & 9 years old $75
Mosquito 10 & 11 years old $75
Peewee 12 & 13 years old $75
Bantam 14 & 15 years old $100

Note: Girls are allowed to play one year down (ex. 12 year old girl allowed to play Mosquito.  An 11 year old girl could not move down to Rookie Ball)

Please reach out us if you have any questions.